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  • Kim Tibbs


I'm back! As many of you might know, I have been hinting around a new album coming for a few years but during the pandemic, I went ahead and conquered another life dream. While in this dream, I tackled a few bucket lists and dream wishes all in the same moment. To include, I recorded at the world famous, Royal Recording Studios in Memphis, Tennessee. I recorded with Lawrence "Boo" Mitchell and a host of other Grammy Award winning musicians that all helped my dream come true. We went in the first week of December in 2020 and knocked 22 songs out that would later become, THE SCiENCE OF COMPLETiON Volume 1 and 2...I am completely blown away with what happened during these humbling times. I was able to see my songs come to life in a way that made no sense while also made me so very proud to be the owner. I can not wait for everyone worldwide to hear the wonderful moments that took place----from high ones, to low ones. I especially want to thank everyone on my team for helping to make this moment possible because it takes a team and a village to accomplish anything worth fighting for. Hugs to you everyone on this great Labor Day Weekend! ~~~~ Kim T.

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